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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


One page comic,
to Laura Alvim saloon of art.

Plug & Pray

Plug and Pray was a comics made together with my friend cartunist Beto Pimentel.
It was also published in another internet magazine.

Frogs lament

Please, somebody help him!!!
(another one for CAT
at the Magazine)

Chicken fish

Also for CAT... at the internet magazine "" - Ediouro/RJ


An image to illustrate CAT (Carlo Alberto Teixeira) text for an internet magazine.

The gang!

From the bottom of the box!
One of those guys is me. Guess who!

My hair!!!

That's an illustration for a children's book.
A book of poems.
Published a couple of years ago.

She ate the fly...
and there we go...

Pagan Moni

Moni, is for Moni Sangue Verde, a person who actually exists!
She's pagan, a political woman, kind of dianic-gipsy figther.
Perhaps you knew her by the name: Z├╝ssele Hamonovics.


Manga again

Another manga like image.
Cute girl...

Anhanga Mirim

The Anhanga-Mirim (I-neean-gi Meereen)
character is for a comic book.
She's a kind of drow-elf.


First of a series of studies in manga's style.
Blue girl...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Some characters, just falling, or flying, whatever! I was training a little before starting a page.
Those are some of my favorite types, from as FC comic-book.